Thursday, November 10, 2011

Terra's Modified Banner!

Hi Everyone!

Well if you saw my Banner post on Tuesday you know that Terra The Bride to be modified her Bridal Shower Banner so she would be able to keep it. So I want to show you what she did with it. Now Terra is always telling that I am talented but My GOD she is SOOOOOOOO Talented. She is a different type of talented if you look at the scene on the wall... She Painted that! While she was pregnant with her Baby Boy Davian.

So here is what she did. She wanted to spell out "Davian" from the banner that said "Terra's Bridal Shower" So she was missing an N and a V. So she cut the H in Shower and made it an N and the W in Shower to make it a V. I just loved that she repurposed my Project. Thanks Terra!

I hope this helps all of you repurpose your Banners.


  1. Oh my GOODNESS!! That is a great way to repurpose something and her artwork is Amazing!!


  2. Great stuff. Beautiful!!!!

    BE Blessed, Beckie

  3. Wow! I wish I could paint like that! Great reuse of a project:)

  4. wow that is beautiful! I love how she repurposed the banner and made it look completely different. That painting is stunning!!


  5. Hey I saw your collection and that is great artwork but I am looking out to gift basket