Monday, September 24, 2012

It's Pink by Design Day!

Hi Everyone!

Remember me? Ha! Well I am back! I have been cuddling with my baby boy and I could not be happier. For some reason I thought i would have more time to craft because I wasn't working but I felt bad not spending time with him when he was awake and when he was sleeping I was cleaning bottles, washing clothes and Pumping... TMI? Sorry!

Well I am excited to be back and crafting again I am going to try and dedicate one day to crafting every week. I am also excited to share with you my Pink by Design Project. If this is your first time here this is how it works. I will show you a sneak peak here and you can head over to the Pink by Design blog to check out my full project and all the details!

Here is the Sneak:
CLICK HERE for the Full Project!
Happy Crafting!


  1. Welcome back!!!! So glad you're crafting again. Can't wait to pop over at PBD to see what you have for us!!!

  2. Glad all is well with you and Baby Jude. Enjoy the time since time flies by.

    Stay Creative,
    Carson's Creations

  3. So glad your back! So glad to hear everything is going well with you and the Baby! Looking forward to seeing your Projects! Have Fun with your Baby Boy! :0)

  4. Glad your back!!


  5. So glad you are back!!!!!
    Miranda :)

  6. I checked out your post. What a sweet layout! Welcome back