Monday, July 1, 2013

Not posting...

But still crafting! I am hoping to get into a more consistent posting schedule. So here is my project!

I made this banner for a baby shower celebrating the soon arrival of Angelina and I really thought the color choice was interesting I had never done those colors together but it looked really really nice. This is what happens when you get creative with color I would've never put those colors together but it was what was requested and I was very surprised at how nice it really looked. I didn't take the picture. I believe it was Patty (mommy to be) who took the picture. I cut everything our with my cameo the colors were Navy Blue, Pink, Mint Green and white! LOVED IT!!!

I hope you enjoyed my post today!

 Happy Crafting,


  1. Love it! I find I mix colors that I wouldn't normally use. Usually, comes out good.