Monday, October 21, 2013

Making Progress!

Yes!!!! I finally found my table! Now what? Unfortunately I still have several boxes to unpack and they are the big ones!!!! There are even a few boxes labeled RANDOM! Who labels boxes RANDOM?me that's who... I am scared to see what is in that box. There is even one labeled SUPER RANDOM... HA!!! I am hoping that by the time the weekend comes I will be able to craft... But what would I start with? Project Life? My Cruise Album? Birthday cards? a Banner Order? The possiblilties are endless!

Here is a picture of what my table looks like right now...

Sorry for the short and craftless post... But soon! I will be craftless no longer.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Looks like you made great progress! It took me 3 years to empty all our boxes! I said if I ever moved again I would just sell it "as is" Including everything in it!
    Meg says Hi!

  2. About time you have a space all for your self. I am so happy that you will be back posting and showing us your projects. Like they say, just have patience and you did and it has paid off. Ana

  3. Fabulous space. You've made great progress. Thanks for sharing your progress.


  4. Love your new look...and all the pink, just fabulous.